Lewisham Magician

Lewisham Magician

Want Hire a Magician in Lewisham?

Looking for an entertainer who’ll provide close-up magic that your guests won’t forget in a hurry? Then you’re in the right place. Richard Young is a Lewisham magician with an impressive list of theatre and TV credits to his name. He regularly works in some of the most prestigious London venues, such as The Ritz and the Houses of Parliament, but you too can hire him for your event.


A close-up magician is compelling entertainment at a wedding, celebratory dinner, or corporate event. Especially when he’s an experienced entertainer who can build instant rapport with your guests and adapt his magic to fit your event. There are three ideal opportunities for a magician to perform; either at a drinks reception as guests are mingling, before and between courses at dinner, or a stand-up event later in the evening.

What Does a Close-Up Magician Do?

You’ll probably have seen videos of magicians who approach regular people in the street and perform extraordinary illusions using ordinary objects. Watches disappear, pens levitate or signed banknotes appear in utterly impossible locations. These are the kinds of tricks that Richard can perform at your event. Take a look at him in action.

Richard Young’s stand-up show combines magic and comedy for your Lewisham event. In this alternative format he introduces spectacular illusions that will both entertain your guests and provide an experience they’ll remember.

Introducing Richard Young, International Magician

Richard is a London magician and an honoured member of the Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star. This is a title conferred upon magicians that are at the height of their powers. Only 300 magicians worldwide currently enjoy this status. He appears on TV, tours international theatre venues, and regularly works his magic on celebrities from different walks of life. As you can imagine, he’s in high demand!

Would You Like to Book a Lewisham Magician?

All you need to do is contact us and provide some details about your event. Richard will be happy to talk through your plans with you, in order to ensure that he can provide the perfect entertainment for the event. There are a number of different packages to choose from, and once it’s booked, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that your guests are in for a magical treat, delivered by one of the most prestigious magicians working in London.