Magic for Private Parties

Magic for Private Parties

Magic for Private Parties

Astounding Close-Up Magic for London Events

One of the things I love about providing magic for private parties is the fact that each event is different. One day I’ll be aboard a Thames River Boat providing table magic. The next I’ll be entertaining a table of diners at the Ritz, or a birthday party at the Barbican.

The magic I perform, is totally flexible, and can be personalised to your event. So, whatever you’re celebrating, I’ll make it my job to adjust my material to ensure it has the maximum impact on your guests, whether they’re 9 or 90!

Hire a Secret Magician for Your Party

I find it always works well to keep my performance a secret. Then I’m able to approach your guests and surprise them with magic that will take their breath away. This not only energises the event, it also gets people talking, laughing, and sharing stories.

Whilst close-up magic is the focus of my performance for London events, I’m also known for my gentle comedy which gets people laughing without worrying that they’ll be the butt of my jokes. I aim to amaze my audience, make them laugh, and encourage them to relax and have fun.

Richard Young has been providing magic for private parties across London since 2007. He is a member of the Inner Magic Circle and has also appeared on TV shows such as ‘ITV’s The Next Great Magician’ and ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’.

Hire a Secret Magician for Your PartyHow Does Magic for Private Parties Work?

The most popular option is for me to work with small groups of guests performing close-up magic early on in the evening. This is followed up with a 20-minute scripted stand-up magic show later in the evening, which features grander magic and a spectacular conclusion. I can perform for audiences between 10-150 people in this way.

If you’re looking for an entertaining alternative to a DJ, or band, this is a surprising and memorable option. And it’s probably more affordable than you think it is. Simply drop me a message telling me about your London event, and we can discuss the options for your guests.