Camden Magician


Looking for a Magician in Camden?

Looking to give your guests an entertaining experience they won’t forget? Hiring Camden magician, Richard Young is the ideal solution. He’s an award-winning close-up magician, specialising in sleight of hand magic for guests at parties, weddings, and corporate events. Richard has been working full-time as a professional magician, in and around the nation’s capital, since 2007 and he is a proud member of The Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star.

Richard can often be found dazzling celebrities, or performing top-quality magic at locations such as the Grosvenor, the Ritz, and The Houses of Parliament, but he also entertains guests at private events. Award-winning magician Richard Young performs on stage in international magic shows across the world and is also a frequent guest on TV shows.


What Sort of Magic Will You Experience?

Close-up magic, or table magic, is performed – as the name suggests – in close proximity for individual guests. You’ve probably seen videos of street magicians performing impossible tricks for small groups of astounded individuals. This is the type of magic that you can expect from Richard Young. If you’re thinking of booking a London magician for your event, there are two ideal times for close-up magic that Richard recommends: when your guests are seated for dinner or when they are mingling at the drinks reception.

Take a look at Richard Young performing close-up magic

We recommend that you keep Richard’s presence a secret from your guests in order to elicit the best reactions. He’ll approach guests between courses or when they’re standing with drinks and perform a private magic show with everyday objects like glasses, napkins, or cutlery.

Richard also offers a stage show that combines both stand-up comedy and magic. This is ideal for an evening event, providing multiple spectacular illusions that are equally astonishing and entertaining.

An Experienced Camden Magician for Your Event

Hiring a magician like Richard Young ensures that your guests will have a great time no matter the occasion. Richard is a seasoned and engaging entertainer; you can rely on him to break the ice and get strangers laughing and sharing their stories. He has an extraordinary ability to connect with people of all ages, making them feel as if the magic he performs is created just for them.

Ready to Book Your Camden Magician?

Why not tell us about your event? Then Richard can work with your ideas, or make suggestions regarding his contribution. His goal is to provide the ideal entertainment for your special occasion; all you have to do is tell us what you’re planning and when.

We have a range of packages to fit the size of your event, and your budget. Once the booking is complete, you can have peace of mind that your guests will be treated to astonishing magic, from an award-winning magician in London.