Chelsea Magician

Chelsea Magician

Looking for a Magician in Chelsea?

Want to give your guests an entertaining, and thoroughly memorable experience? Then Richard Young needs to be in the mix. He’s a Chelsea magician who has been working professionally, on TV, in international theatre magic and for private events since 2006. The Magic Circle rank him so highly they’ve made him one of just 300 magicians worldwide to be awarded ‘Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star’.

Richard provides close-up magic or a stand-up magic show for Chelsea parties, weddings, dinners, and awards ceremonies.


With Richard as a performer, your guests are guaranteed a magical experience to remember. He regularly performs at the Ritz, the Houses of Parliament, and Park Lane hotels such as the Grosvenor, as well as regularly entertaining at private events and functions. No wonder that he’s in high demand as an Chelsea magician; he’s clients describe his brand of magic as a blend of abundant skill and charm.

What Sort of Magic Does Richard Young Perform?

Close-up magicians are very popular right now; they’re the ones that approach people they don’t know, engage them in conversation, and within seconds they amaze them with magic illusions using everyday objects. Richard will mingle with your guests at the drinks reception, or work with small groups seated for dinner.

Take a look at Richard Young performing close-up magic.

Keep Richard’s presence at your event a secret, and just watch the response he achieves as one guest after another witnesses ‘the impossible’ and then shares their experience with others. It’s like being treated to a private magic show where objects disappear, start to levitate, or turn up exactly where you don’t expect them to.

A consummate performer, Richard doesn’t only perform magic, he naturally puts guests at their ease, makes them laugh, and ignites conversations in every part of the room. If you’re looking for a magician in Chelsea who offers an evening entertainment, Richard’s stage show combines magic and stand-up. It includes spectacular illusions that are both exciting to watch, and fun to be involved in.

An Experienced Magician for Your Event

Hiring a magician is an unexpected and novel way to entertain guests as part of your event. Richard’s experience as a performer makes him a reliable entertainer who you can trust to get your guests laughing and chatting with people they’ve never met before. He has the gift of being able to connect with just about anyone, by making them feel that the magic he performs is exclusively for them.

Ready to Book Your Chelsea Magician?

If Richard Young sounds like the right fit for your event, get in touch to let us know about what you’re planning. Richard’s focus is always on how his contribution can enhance his clients’ event; he’ll make suggestions as to how he can do this or fit in with the arrangements you already have in place.

There are a range of packages to fit every budget. Once the booking is made, you can relax, knowing that your guests will be treated to astonishing magic, from an award-winning London magician.